Twin Screw Course America and Europe 2015

After the success of the first Twin Screw Course (TSC) Europe, organized on the French Riviera, SCC is proud to announce two upcoming TSC: the TSC America 2015, located in UMass Lowell (Lowell, MA, USA) on October 7th and 8th and the TSC Europe 2015, located on the French Riviera, on December 2nd and 3rd, 2015.

General overview : a TSC what for?

The TSC has been designed for helping people who are dealing with extrusion processes (formulation issues, screw design, process performance optimization…). It consists in a theoretical and practical training on two days, for undertaking the material flow behavior, the process mechanisms and looking for solutions for increasing the process performance:
-) the first day describes the mechanisms of the material flow during the extrusion process,
-) the second day is a practical training on the Ludovic® software, dedicated to the simulation of TSE processes.
At the end of the two days of training, a Ludovic® temporary license (full functions) is delivered.

Who should attend the TSC?

The TSC is aimed at all people who might be interested in corotating twin screw extrusion topics. From the R&D formulation to the scale up issues, from the screw design to the industrial line performance, from the processing window definition to the productivity optimization: all the steps of the process and material couple definition is taught during the TSC.

What you will learn

The TSC teaches about the extrusion mechanisms and principles. You will learn about the mechanics, physics and rheology rules which occur all along the process. It is also a unique way to learn which characteristics, results and data are really relevant for the material and its evolution. As a complementary lesson, the Ludovic® software training helps in making a concrete relationship between the measurements performed on the extruders and the results simulated by Ludovic®.

Are also taught:

-) sensitivity analysis of the material,
-) impact of screw elements on the material,
-) scale up methodology,
-) comparing/optimizing process conditions (screw speed, throughput, thermal regulation…).

The short-terms benefits

-) Gain experience on the global extrusion process understanding.
-) Learn about the more relevant parameters/material data.
-) Learn about the extrusion traps.
-) Learn how to optimize a screw design.
-) Learn how to optimize the process conditions.
-) Learn how to quickly identify an adapted processing window.
-) Learn how to perform the scale up.
-) Receive a 2-month license of the Ludovic® software.

Twin Screw Course America 2015

October 7th and 8th, 2015: TSC America (in Lowell, MA, USA) supported by the Pr. Francis Lai from UMass Lowell, and organized at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center.
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Twin Screw Course Europe 2015

December 2nd and 3rd, 2015: TSC Europe (in Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera, France) supported by the Pr. Bruno Vergnes from the CEMEF and organized on the CEMEF site.
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