Sciences Computers Consultants is the owner of the internet site www.mixingsimulation.technology

Since 1989, the Sciences Computers Consultants company has been involved in the material transformation industry.

SCC is specialized in transferring the research work toward the industry.

Starting as a consultancy agent, SCC has been varying its offer for providing reliable solutions adatped to the market demands.

Fed by research projects, continuous R&D, customers feedback, SCC edits and commercializes numerical simulation software dedicated to the industrial processes of material forming/transformation.

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Scientific backing & Scientific contributors

Sciences Computers Consultants closely collaborates with the CEMEF (Mines ParisTech) which ensures the scientific backing of our developments, especially with Bruno Vergnes and Rudy Valette.

Bruno VERGNES is an engineer, who got a PhD from Ecole des Mines de Paris. He has been working from 1981 in polymer processing at CEMEF. He is currently senior scientist at Ecole des Mines de Paris and general manager of the “Polymer and composites” research unit at CEMEF. His main topics deal with extrusion processes and rheology of complex fluids .

Dr. R. Valette, Associate Professor,
Deputy head of Computing & Fluids Research Team and Polymers and Composites Research Team at the CEMEF – Centre for Material Forming – of MINES ParisTech and CNRS, PSL Research University

R. Valette research activities are devoted to the rheology, mixing, and flow instabilities of complex fluids such as polymer melts, polymer compounds, pastes and suspensions. Most studies combine theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches.